Two parts of Vietnamese wedding

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The vietnamese wedding has two parts. the first parts is on the first day the groom with his parents go to the bride's home to seek her parents' permission to marry her. The groom often presents the traditional offering of beetle and areca nuts to the bride's family. After the groom has made this formal proposal. The bride's family makes a similar request to its ancestors at the family altar.

On the second day, there is a celebration after the bride and groom performed certain rituals at an altar set up for the occasion.
Traditionally, at this vietnamese wedding ceremony held at the groom's house, the tutelary god of marriage, the old man in the moon, is asked to bless and protect the couple. Three cups are filled with rice alcohol and the elder,who leads the ceremony bows before the altar, takes a sip from one of cups, and passes it to who does likewise. The groom then takes a piece of ginger and rubs it in salt, and both bride and groom eat a little of it to signify their lasting love. only then are they ready to exchange wedding ring.

The present days, the two ceremonies are often held on the same day. once the solemnities are over, it is time for a feast with family and friends. If the couple can afford it, the wedding feast is celebrated at a restaurant and a vietnamese wedding car is hired for the occasion. most vietnamese have adopted western attired-a bridal gown for the woman and a suit for a dowry before he was permitted to marry a woman.

Traditionally, the groom wears the blue ao-dai - vietnamese wedding dress and the bride has to wear the red and yellow aodai this practice is not formally observed these days, but men are still expected to give jewelry and other gifts to the bride.
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