Vitamin C Ready to desist Stress

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Stress can be up to every person without a view of time and place. Various foods, especially sweet and has a calming effect could be an option to cope with stress. However, food intake was also not good to eat continuously, especially belonging to sweet foods. Stress can turn into anxiety degenerative disease and tail-tail back to haunt you any stress.
The solution was not far away from supplements that are very familiar with you. For those of you who regularly take vitamin C, you do not have to worry will be susceptible to stress. Several studies and research have revealed that people who consume high doses of vitamin C did not show signs of both physical and psychological stress when faced with the challenges and pressures. In addition, vitamin C is also associated with a person's ability to cope with stress effectively. Someone who regularly take vitamin C rose from stress more quickly than those who did not take vitamin C.

Causes of stress suppress all over your body and mind caused by the hormone cortisol. Vitamin C is able to resist these hormones and makes you get through the difficult conditions without a fuss with stress. A very good solution, in addition to maintain adequate nutrition, antioxidant properties are also ready to protect the body from free radical effects of cancer, premature aging and various other health disorders.

For stress reduction, fruit and vegetables high in vitamin C is an excellent source considering other health benefits that can be obtained from the fruit and vegetable fiber. Supplements can also meet the requirement of vitamin C, but choose the supplements that have the ability to time the release so they can survive and effectively throughout the day
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