Check out how a bride is using her wedding workbook from us! What a great story!

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"We are putting our wedding workbook to good use. It was a life-saver when Jon and I went to check out venues for our ceremony and for our engagement party. Here’s why ~

I am a bit of a perfectionist. I love organization. Whenever I get too stressed, I begin cleaning and putting things away, getting rid of junk and organizing my desk, bedroom, kitchen, bathroom…nothing is off limits to become orderly. So, being a rather organized person myself, it would seem that I should be all put together, right? Wrong…

When I begin interviews with vendors that I need to make my wedding perfect, I begin to stress and I forget half my questions. Fortunately, the wedding workbook that Jon and I chose has all the questions written down and all I have to do is write the answers in the spaces given on the worksheet. I won’t have to find my note pad(s) later and try to remember where I scribbled all my notes. It’s truly brilliant!

I used the venues worksheets 1st because our whole wedding design depends on our venue.  We decided on a country-vintage wedding theme.  We’ve also decided to forget the traditional idea of wedding colors. Instead, we are keeping browns and neutrals dominant with splashes of color in flowers and decor. I am wearing pearls with little diamonds for earrings and necklace and we’re encouraging everyone to dress to our theme. I love the idea of a mis-matched vintage-y wedding that is all our own!  Thanks for the great workbook.  It's been a lifesaver!"

- Sara and Jon
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